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DSSSB 101 Important Questions of Psychology and Pedagogy

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DSSSB Important Questions of Psychology and Pedagogy

If you have applied for the job and searching for DSSSB Important Question for Psychology and Pedagogy then you are in the right place. In Here we have updated Most Expected One Liner Questions which is very Helpful for DSSSB Exam – “TGT, PGT, PRT” and also Helpful for all teaching Exam like- KVS, NVS, CTET, HTET UPTET etc.

1.According to Piaget, how many stage of child’s cognitive development-  For

2. Who proposed ‘ Law of Learning – Thorndike

3. Who Developed the First intelligence test – Alfred Binet

4.G- Factor theory was developed by – Spearman

5. Who is the father of Psychology – William Wundt

  1. Which Concept is given by Vygotsky- Zone Of Proximal Development

7.Who is the Father of Educational Psychology – Edward Lee Thorndike

8. Who is the Father of American Psychology – William James

9. Who is the Father of Psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud

10. Who is the Father of Behaviorism – J.B Watson

11. First adult intelligence test was developed by – Wechsler

12. ‘ Heredity ratio’ was development by – Jenson

13. Pavlov did experiments on – Dog

14. who gave the psychosexual concept – Eric Erickson

15. The First intelligence test was developed by – Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon

16. Who development the componential analysis approach to intelligence –Robert Sternberg

17. Father of Functionalism – William James

18. Who said psychology is the science of Studying soul – Aristotle, Plato, Dekarte

19. Who gave group factor theory – Thurston

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20. Guilford’s theory of intelligence – Three-dimensional Theory

21. Who said Psychology is the science of mind – Pomponoji

22. Psychology is the science of – Consciousness

23. A gifted child – always has a very high I.Q

24. Swami Vivekananda is associated with- Man Making education

25. Who was a “ Pragmatist Philosopher – John Dewey

26.The author of the “ The Discovery of the child “ is – Maria Montessori

27. Psychology of individual difference given by whom- Galton

28. NCRT has a – Bureau of psychological testing

29. How many bones in infant – 270

30. What is the unit of heredity – Gene

31.What are schema – Organised packed of information stored in long-term memory

32. What did Piaget called his approach – Genetic epistemology

33.Drive theory is given by – C.Hull

34. SAT Stand for – Scholastic Aptitude Test

35. Traditional IQ test are – Convergent thinking

36. Looking glass self-theory is given by whom – C.H.Cooley 

  1. Heuristic method is given by – H.E Armstrong

38. Who developed the idea of General Intelligence (or G factor ) – Charles Spearman

39.Who propounded the theory of multiple intelligence (MI) – Howard Gardner

40. Whose name is associated with the book “ Hereditary Genius”- Francis Galton

41. I, Me theory and symbolic interaction theory is given by – G.H Mead

42. Who gave the theory of Multiple Intelligence –  Gardner

43. Looking glass self-theory is given by whom – C.H Cooley

44. Play – way method is given by – Henry Caldwell cook

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45.The Rorschach Test is developed by the famous – Hermann Rorschach

46. Reading disability – Dyslexia

47. Oral learning disability is – Aphasia

48.Who used first time the word “learning disability” – Krick

49.The concept of “ Inferiority complex” was developed by – Adler

50. Kindergarten method is given by – Friedrich Froebel

51.Thorndike conducted his experiments on – Cats

52.Dalton method is given by – Helen Parkhurst

53.Thorndike studied – Incidental learning

54.Teaching method of Binetica – Carlton Washburn

55.Skinner’s box is used for – Incidental learning

56.The Law of effect was developed by – Thorndike

57.Project method is given by – W.H . Kilpatrick

58.Expectancy theory is a theory of – Motivation

59.The famous book “ Beyond Freedom and Dignity” is written by – Skinner

60. Play and Drama method is given by – Moreno

61.” John Dewey”, an educationist, belong to – Pragmatism

62.Psychoanalysis was founded by – Freud

63.Question answer method is given by – Socrates

64.“ The act of teaching or training” means – Educere

65.Who propounded the theory of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud

66.Who has founded behaviorism – Wundt

67. Lecture method is given by – Aristotle

68. What are Thorndike’s main law of learning – Law readiness, Law of exercise, Law of effect

69.Dialectic Method is given by – Plato

70. Nursery Method is given by – Maria Montessori

71.Theory related to sex is propounded by – Freud

72.Action theory is given by – Weber

73.Hunger, thirst & sex are – Physiological needs

74.Action research is given by – Kurt Lewin

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75. IEDC stands for – Integrated Education for Disabled Children

76. Micro-Teaching is invented by – Dwight w. Allen

77.Psychology deal with human – Feeling

78.Psychology seeks to study all – Social activities

79.Experiential learning is given by – David Kolb

80.The book “ Growth of the Mind” is written by – koffka

81.Learning through experience is given by – Jhon Dewey

82. Three – dimensional theory of intelligence – Guilford

83.Concept of vicarious learning/ social learning theory – Albert Bandura

84. Sudden development in adolescence – Stanley Hall

85.Hierarchy of learning is given by – Gaga

86.Social development will help in – Social adjustment

87.Ability is transmitted in human by – Gene

88. Hierarchy of needs given by – Abraham Maslow

89. Psychology came from – Philosophy (Greek)

90.Both X an Y Chromosome are found in – Male Cells

91.Who First used the word mental age – Alfred Binet

92.Factor analysis was introduced by – Spearman

93.Who first found the formal of IQ – Lewis Terman

94. Who first coined the term IQ – William sterm

95.Positive, negative and Zero transfer of learning is given by – Edward Lee Thorndike

96.Who opened the first laboratory of Psychology and where ? – William Wundt

97. IQ of an average student – (90- 110)

98. Theory of Connectionism/S-R theory / Trial and Error theory – Thorndike

99.who invented the method of deductive reasoning – Aristotle

100.Who invented inductive method – Roger Bacon

101. Personality test by questionnair- woodworth 

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